Sunday, November 1, 2015

One Missioner's Journey, Part One

Like many Eve players, I began my career with my mind filled to the brim with thoughts of high-stakes piracy and skullduggery in one of the few truly MMORPG sandbox atmospheres. Enamoured, was I, at the prospect of skilling to bigger and badder ships, as well.

It didn’t take long for me to realize that ships were expensive, and that piracy at such a small scale and with so few skill points would be unprofitable at best. Like many Eve players, I turned towards missioning as a source of income. I missioned for a while, got bored, and quit the game.

A year or so later I resubbed, began missioning again, got my first battleship, lost it, got another one, began isking at a comfortable rate, and quit the game out of boredom once again.

In the interim, more time elapsed and I heard more publicity from the Eve universe. The Titans4U scam particularly caught my attention, and this time I resolved to involve myself in the player community with greater aplomb. I entered a true player corporation, my Raven became a Golem, and, while I found I could make huge amounts of isk, I still was unable to pull myself away from the mission grind.

Like so many players, I needed outside help.

Sadly, the tragedy related above is the rule, rather than the exception, for Eve newbies.

Thankfully, the Public-Enemies alliance was there to offer guidance. They sacrificed 50 million of their hard won isk to liberate me and my corporation from the grind of missioning. This liberation came in the form of a wardec, and it was from that declaration of war that a true capsuleer was born.

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