Monday, November 2, 2015

One Missioner's Journey, Part Two

In our last post I related the history of my fail-at-Eve playstyle. Missioning had caused me to unsubscribe more than once. However, my liberation was at hand…

War! Public-Enemies decced Rascals Brigade, causing many missioning ship lossmails. I simply could not lose my Golem, the main source of isk. Yet, I had already plexed the account for another month. A conundrum faced me, that which faces all isk-gathering mission drones when faced with a wardec.

How do I make my plex?

And better yet: Is missioning worth it?

Like most missioning isk-drones, I had become accustomed to thinking in isk/hour. Under my calculations, if I took out the Golem and lost it, my isk/hour would drop considerably, not to mention the fact that losing a marauder constitutes a major loss of total wealth. My only solution then, was to find a cheap ship that could make a similar income relative to ship value and plex costs. Please keep in mind, as a missioner my thought process was still, at this point, tied to isk/hour and the greed surrounded by that paradigm.

Enter the Heron. I’d heard whimsical tales of explorers pulling hundreds of millions of isk from wormholes, a place no isk-hunting mission drone would venture. A fully fitted exploration heron would only cost one, maybe two million isk. Rather than risk over a billion, I could essentially round my risk down to zero. Of course, I lost many a Heron in those days, but they were expendable.

It was with those little frigates, named Scadadle, that I made hundreds of millions of isk.

But the wormhole is a dangerous place. I was forced, by necessity, to become adept at using d-scan (A tool utterly incomprehensible to the missioner, who never uses it), probing, and scouting. While the rest of Rascals attempted to continue missioning and proceeded with getting ripped to pieces, reaching my plex became easier than ever.

Better yet, I was playing the game.

Eve was fun again.

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