Wednesday, November 4, 2015

The Golden Path

The Golden Path is a tool, a journey, and most importantly, a mindset. Players with their thrusters set firmly along the Path are reaching for higher levels of meta-gameplay, are interacting with each other, and indeed, are helping others find the Path.

The last is the most important, as Pathfinding is the rightful call of all those who have already stepped upon the Golden Cobbles.

Yet the Path, like many things in life, is defined by what it is not rather than what it is. To try to define the Path would be exceedingly difficult, as it cannot be pinned down. It simply is. However, certain in game activities lead to players growing bored, disillusioned, and eventually unsubscribing. These activities are not of the Path, and must be corrected.

  1. Missioning is to be avoided unless absolutely necessary. Missioning is not of the Path.

  1. Mining is to be avoided at all costs, unless it takes place under the guise of a larger scheme of gameplay. For instance, ninja mining under the threat of imminent destruction is of the Path. Mining day after day simply to acquire isk is not of the Path.

  1. Though it often precedes one’s journey upon the Path itself, dropping tears in local is not of the Path.

  1. Using in and out of game tools to facilitate missioning, mining, or other activities of the Dark Way is not of the Path.

    1. For example, Mobile Tractor Units (MTUs) allow missioners to engage in the game even less than they already do. Using MTUs is not of the Path

    1. Bots, and the players who use them, have no path to begin with. Botting is not of the Path.

  1. Hiding within the safety of an NPC corporation is not of the Path.

  1. Avoiding player interaction is not of the Path.

  1. Wardecs are a gift, and pathless players should thank corporations who dec them, preferably in local or in the forums. Avoiding wardecs is not of the Path.

  1. Griefing leads to players unsubscribing, and thus griefing is not of the Path.

  1. Forming corporations for the sole purpose of missioning and mining is not of the Path.

  1. Impeding Pathfinders in their righteous duty is not of the Path. Likewise, resisting the Path is not of the Path.

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